Bear armour
Vital statistics
Type Defensive
Damage Modifier 1d2 to 1d10 normally
Reflex Modifier Up to -3
Magic None normal
Availability Common to Uncommon
Notes None

Armour provides a barrier between you and your foes - or, put more bluntly, between you and death. Every class provides access to one or more armour proficiencies, and it is in your best interest to wear the finest armour you can.

Light vs HeavyEdit

Armour is grouped into categories, depending on materials and build.

Light Armour is easy to move in and allows swifter characters to move to a location of advantage.

Heavy Armour restricts movement, and allows the user to take higher damage while being in the fray.


Within these two categories, armour typically falls into 8 other types:

Cloth Armour, Leather Armour, Hide Armour and Light Shields qualify as Light Armour.

Chainmail, Scale Armour, Plate Armour and Heavy Shields are Heavy Armour.

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