Deekin Scalesinger
Deekin portrait
The kobold is in dire need of a healer's heart.
Vital statistics
Class Bard/Red Dragon Disciple
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Faction Black Sheep Knights
Level High/Approx. 30
Power Source Dragon's Blood
Weapons Crossbow, Short Sword, Subtle Knife
Notable Abilities Dragon Breath, Heal, Magic Missile
Status Active
A Red Dragon Disciple, and one-time Bard who traveled alongside the 'hero ' of Faerun to rid their world of Mephistopheles.

Origin EarthEdit

Deekin arrived to Origin Earth in the nick of time to save the beaten and bruised members of Gongshow:Gaiden with a powerful cast of Heal and by breathing fire at the rat king Willard. He then ran to see the portal he arrived in explode violently.

Land of FireEdit

Deekin acted quickly and grabbed Steven's arm, who happened to be right beside. His quick actions also saved a little girl's life, and killed several Ninja thugs who were threatening to hurt her.

Deekin was also instrumental in the Land of Fire in teaching Steven how to use his first two spells, Cure Light Wounds, and Magic Missile.

After their month of training, Deekin used a strange dagger to cut a hole in the walls between worlds and throw Steven elsewhere.

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