We only hurt the ones we can excruciatingly draw psychic nourishment from.

A ribbon of twisting darkness streams from the user's hand to their target's heart, feeding on their vital force as the user grows stronger.

Melee MagicEdit

Drain III
Attack 1
Sweet sweet lifeforce.
Thrice Per Encounter * Arcane, Nonelemental
Standard Action                     10ft
Requirement: 2+X AP
Target: One Enemy
Attack: Will vs. Magic Class
Hit: 1d6+Will+X
Properties: Heal Will Hit Points + X
Name AP Range Attack Damage Properties
Drain I 2 1 Will vs. MC 1d4+Will Heal Will HP
Drain II 2 1 Will vs. MC 1d6+Will Heal Will HP
Drain III 2+X 2 Will

vs. MC

1d6+Will Heal

Will HP


On a successful hit, you regain hit points equal to your Will score.

The healing of Drain can be redirected to an adjacent ally within melee range.


Chapter 2 - Ravnica

This spell was the other original spell from Liliana's graveyard. This spell has become one of the core abilities that I use in battle. Too bad that the spell doesn't heal as much from ordinary targets as it used to... - Luke