Either self-propelled, or item assisted, flight allows the reaching of normally inaccessible areas. Flight can be as simple as an assisted jump, or as powerful as a trip to the stars.

Utility MagicEdit

Mark via Witch's BroomEdit

Fly II
Utility 1
Up and at them.
Twice Per Encounter * Arcane, Conjuration
Standard Action                     Personal
Requirement: 2 AP
Target: Self
Properties: Can Fly up and over objects
but only a maximum of 25 feet.
Name AP Range Properties
Fly I 2 4 See Below
Fly II 2 5 See Below


Mark's flight is limited to a total of 25 feet. He can fly up or across, but must not exceed a total of 25, or risk falling. He must land before beginning a second Fly.