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Vital statistics
Class Warlord
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction None
Level 7
Power Source Technology, and Arcane
Feats One Shot
At Will Abilities Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke
Encounter Abilities Diabolic Grasp, Knight's Move, Commander's Strike
Daily Abilities Commander's Resilience
Fortitude 3
Reflex 2
Will 2
Modifiers {{{skill training}}}
Weapons Sniper
Weapons Training Sniper Rifle, Grenade
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Equipment {{{equipment}}}
Status Active
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Friend of the members of Gongshow:Gaiden, from Origin Earth. Adventurer from Origin Earth, and a prominent member of Gongshow:Gaiden. While a later joiner than the rest, Karissa has made significant improvements to the group, especially in the area of class.

Training on the NormandyEdit