Mysterious Cloaked Man
You know, I've always wondered how Force Lightning works...
Vital statistics
Class Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Unknown
Level Unknown, presumably high
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Bronze Sword
Notable Abilities Teleport
Status Active
The only identification we have for two individuals that have aided both Chris and Topher, as well as a previously loosely referenced character that appeared to be adventuring with James, later revealed to be Kabuto.


Sarcastic and quick to temper. Had little faith that Chris would be able to solve even the entrance to the Labyrinth. Has at least some knowledge of the Logrus and how to walk its path. Gave Chris his Bronze Sword.


Thoughtful, jovial, and at times dangerous. Showed up when Topher was trapped by Aragog and his spiders, apparently attempting to convince Topher to use a spell he couldn't. He then dragged Topher through the forest to the Womping Willow, where he thought engaging Topher in an unwinnable fight against the tree would be entertaining. Once Topher was trapped, he again attempted to teach a new spell, which may or may not have succeeded.


Revealed to be Kabuto. See Crew of the Airship.