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Abilities are written here in the form of Ability[ AP|AS|AS2|AM ]
So Master Chaos Bolt[2|rs10|Pr10*] is an ability that takes 2AP, and can attack at a range of 10, but will hit anything in in the direction before it's target. It also has a Prime to hit of a d10*, with a re-roll if 10 is rolled.


There are many ways that abilities can be used. Some are combat, some are utility, and all need to be trained to unlock their full potential.

Attack ShapeEdit

The Attack Shape is a way of describing what kind of area an ability uses. Should be self-explanitory.

Melee (default)Edit

An ability that attacks a single adjacent square.


An ability[los x] (line of sight) fired in a direction at a range, hitting the first target in line. Obstacles block.


An ability[nlos x] (not line of sight) fired in a direction at range, hitting aimed at target, over any obstacles.


An ability[bm x] fired in a direction at range, hitting all targets and stopping at range or impenetrable obstical.


A Burst surrounds you. A Close Blast has at least 1 square adjacent to you. A Range Blast has at least 1 square within Range of attack.


An ability[br x] where x is the radius of the burst. Ie, Pulse[AP|bl3] causes a radius 3 sphere of damge from attacker.


A Burst at range, ie, Oil Flask[AP|los 5|br 5] Causes a 2 radius (3*3 square) of damge at a range of 5.

Ability ModifiersEdit

The various ways abilities can be used.

Target StyleEdit

The method with which an ability targets.
To HitEdit
Default attack. Attacker is required to roll a d20 plus any modifiers to hit either the AC or MC
See Automatic Hit.
Coup de GraceEdit
An attack vs a fallen foe. Generally consider a critical, as long as a successful attack is made. +? vs AC, +? vs MC.
Automatic HitEdit
Target is automatically hit, regardless of AC/MC
Prime NumberEdit
Target is automatically hit if dice value rolled is prime. Progression of d20 down to d4. d[x]* is re-rolled if the highest value is struck.
Die d20 d12 d10 d10* d8 d6 d8* d4 d6*
Hit Prob 45% 50% 50% 55.6% 62.5% 66.7% 71.4% 75% 80%
Automatic MissEdit
Attack never hits. Maybe negative consequences? Maybe FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES.




Any ability that can be used over multiple turns. Has a |s x| term in AP usage.
Ie: Chilling Glare[10|s 3] requires 10 AP to use, and 3 for every turn that it remains in effect.
Ie: Boast[15|s 0] requires 15 AP to use, and none to sustain. Can be ended at any time.
Ie: Powerup[0|s x] requires 0 AP to use, but requires x AP to use per round. This is a meta-ability, that allows people to charge attacks which required more than one turns use of AP.


Any ability which is not magical in nature, and often deals direct physical damage. Not to be confused with magically boosted mundane abilities.



See: Elements