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Vital statistics
Class Magician
Gender Male
Race Chosen Human
Faction Gongshow:Gaiden
Level 3
Power Source Arcane
Feats Raw Magic
At Will Abilities Teleport, Fireball
Encounter Abilities Lay on Hands
Daily Abilities Despair Thine Eyes
Fortitude 0
Reflex 0
Will 3
Modifiers None
Weapons Hand-to-Hand, Topher's Knife
Weapons Training Hand-to-Hand
Armour Legionnaire Demon Armour
Equipment None
Status Active
Companions Belias

Adventurer from Origin Earth, and a prominent member of Gongshow:Gaiden.



Flame WreathEdit


Lightning SheathEdit

The story of learning...Edit

(scratchy overshadowed voice) I was captured...there was no hope, there was no future. Time was still and I was at my last. Through the blood dripping in my eyes, I saw a shade, but I felt power...power from around and within. It turned from a formless shade into a dark cloaked man. He whispered to me..."You know, I've always kind of wondered how Force Lightning works...". From this, I tried and failed to cast lightning. Not just failed, but was scared of it...but willing to try something else. I looked and searched what i believed could be...Could have a basis in science and would be the bridge for me to start learning...Flame Wreath.

This Burned me and The spiders...and escaped. The cloaked man re-appeared and whispered in my ear more about a tree that we were to fight. I went to the tree critically struck the tree in a daring and aggressive move which I flew at the tree and stabbed it with all the force of the wind. and was caught. Crushed, for minutes on end. I was empowered again to use what strength i had, over and over to will myself away. This is how I gained Teleport.

Topher has achieved at least moderate effectiveness in Hand to Hand battle.

Actions so farEdit

He threw some stones at some angry apple trees. He also argued to keep the witches hat.